Carlos Carrillo-Tudela

Research Fellow

University of Essex

Carlos Carrillo-Tudela is a Professor in Economics at the University of Essex, UK. He received his PhD and MSc in economics in 2006 from the same university. During his graduate studies he spent part of 2005 as a visiting scholar at the Department of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating he was a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Leicester, UK (2006-2010) and University of Essex, UK (2010-2011).

His main research interests include search and matching theory and the macroeconomics of labour markets. Currently his research focuses on wage inequality and the dynamics of wages. For his paper "An equilibrium search model with optimal wage-experience contracts", he was awarded a Young Economist Award of the European Economic Association in 2005.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in September 2008.