Our local team in Bonn is complemented by the international IZA research network of fellows and affiliates. Many of our alumni have continued their academic careers at prestigious institutions worldwide. Search across or within the groups below and use different attributes to refine your search.

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Lacroix, Guy

Research Fellow

Université Laval

Lau, Morten

Research Fellow

Copenhagen Business School

List, John A.

Research Fellow

University of Chicago

Mohnen, Alwine

Research Fellow

Munich University of Technology

Rich, Judy

Research Fellow

University of Portsmouth

Riedl, Arno

Research Fellow

Maastricht University

Roider, Andreas

Research Fellow

University of Regensburg

Slonim, Robert

Research Fellow

University of Sydney

Sutter, Matthias

Research Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

Weiss, Avi

Research Fellow

Bar-Ilan University

Wu, Steven Y.

Research Fellow

Purdue University

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