Doris Weichselbaumer

Research Fellow

University of Linz

Doris Weichselbaumer is Professor and Head of the Women's and Gender Studies Department at the University of Linz (JKU), Austria. Previously she has been Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at JKU. She has held Visiting Professorships at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and HWR, Berlin. Research visits have included UC Berkeley, Harvard, UMass Amherst and the University of London (LSE, SOAS).

In her research she has conducted labor market experiments to investigate discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation in particular. She has also examined methods and rhetoric employed in the literature on the gender wage gap as well as reasons for international differences in the gender wage gap. Currently she works on the effect of ethnicity and religion on labor market outcomes.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in November 2003.


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