Around 1,700 renowned economists from all parts of the world cooperate with IZA as Research Fellows by contributing publications and participating in projects and events (read more about the appointment process). While IZA benefits from collaborating with numerous very active Fellows, the institute offers a perfect platform for research communication, remote access to relevant data, and attractive publication outlets.

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Aaberge, Rolf

Research Fellow

Statistics Norway

Abadie, Alberto

Research Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abdulloev, Ilhom

Research Fellow

Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, Tajikistan

Abowd, John M.

Research Fellow

Cornell University

Abraham, Katharine G.

Program Coordinator and Research Fellow

University of Maryland

Addison, John T.

Research Fellow

Durham University Business School

Adsera, Alicia

Research Fellow

Princeton University

Adukia, Anjali

Research Fellow

Harris School, University of Chicago

Afridi, Farzana

Research Fellow

Indian Statistical Institute

Agan, Amanda

Research Fellow

Rutgers University

Agell, Jonas (decd)

Research Fellow (deceased)

Stockholm University

Akay, Alpaslan

Research Felllow

University of Gothenburg

Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude

Research Fellow

Dalhousie University