Initiatives and Projects

Our dedication to advancing and disseminating labor market knowledge drives a range of large-scale, long-term initiatives. These include IZA World of Labor, a comprehensive resource for evidence-based labor policy analysis and recommendations; G²LM|LIC, a project dedicated to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of labor markets in low-income countries; and the IDSC, a secure platform facilitating access to cutting-edge research data, empowering global labor market analysis.


We curate a robust collection of datasets focused on global and national labor markets. These datasets, accessible through our data repository, offer invaluable insights into areas such as job search behavior, COVID-19's economic impact, and much more.

Externally Funded Projects

While pursuing our own ambitious research agenda, we also provide in-depth scientific analyses for national and international policy institutions as an independent, nonpartisan entity and research partner of other scientific institutions. Below we present a selection of our numerous policy-oriented research activities.