Ernest Boffy-Ramirez

Research Affiliate

University of Colorado, Denver

Dr. Boffy-Ramirez has been a Assistant Professor (CTT) in the Department of Economics at the University of Colorado Denver since 2015.

Before this he was a Visiting Assistant Professor from 2012-2015. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2012. His research focuses on topics within the area of applied labor economics and specifically those related to educational attainment, migration decisions, and labor mobility.

In his work on US immigrants, Dr. Boffy-Ramirez finds that recent immigrants are mobile in response to differences in minimum wages across states. In related research he finds that measures of immigrant educational attainment are systematically downward biased due to the mechanical grouping of educational categories at the low end of the education distribution.

In more recent work, he shows that educational decisions as a teenager are countercyclical and eventually lead to long-term differences in educational attainment across age cohorts. He identifies teens on the margin between educational decisions who are pushed into additional education due to decreasing opportunity costs.

Dr. Boffy-Ramirez spends 3-4 months per year teaching and conducting research in China at University of Colorado Denver International College in Beijing. While in Beijing, he has studied how the Chinese household registry system relates to growing income inequality. He is also pursuing ongoing research related to the impact of Chinese air pollution on worker productivity and child education.

Ernest Boffy-Ramirez joined IZA as a Reseach Affiliate in July 2016.



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