Our local team in Bonn is complemented by the international IZA research network of fellows and affiliates. Many of our alumni have continued their academic careers at prestigious institutions worldwide. Search across or within the groups below and use different attributes to refine your search.

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Booth, Alison L.

Research Fellow

Australian National University

Brummund, Peter

Research Affiliate

University of Alabama

Bryson, Alex

Research Fellow

University College London

Checchi, Daniele

Research Fellow

University of Milan

Corneo, Giacomo

Research Fellow

Free University of Berlin

Goerke, Laszlo

Research Fellow

IAAEU, University of Trier

Guner, Nezih

Research Fellow

CEMFI, Madrid

Hollifield, James F.

Research Fellow

Southern Methodist University

Jinkins, David

Research Affiliate

Copenhagen Business School

Juhn, Chinhui

Research Fellow

University of Houston

Kar, Saibal

Research Fellow

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta

Kovak, Brian K.

Research Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University

Kuhn, Peter J.

Visiting Research Fellow

University of California, Santa Barbara

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