Elizabeth Dhuey

Research Fellow

University of Toronto


Elizabeth Dhuey is an associate professor of economics at the University of Toronto. Her primary appointment is at the Department of Management at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. She is also non-budgetary cross-appointed to the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, the Department of Economics, and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. Additionally, Elizabeth is an adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at McMaster University. She received her B.A. (1999) in economics and sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder and her M.A (2002) and PhD (2007) in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Elizabeth’s research focuses on the economics of education and in particular, the early years of children’s development. She has written articles on the effect of age at school entry on later academic and labor market outcomes. In addition, she has researched the effect of fiscal incentives in state funding formulas on special education identification and placements and the effects of school principals on student achievement. Her current research focuses on programs and interventions and their effects on early child development.

Her research has been published in top economics and education journals such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Education Finance and Policy, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, and the Economics of Education Review. It also has been cited by the popular press, including The New York Times, in the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and has appeared on 60 Minutes.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in January 2014.