Becoming part of the IZA network

IZA is the hub of a global network of labor economists who share the common goal of advancing the research frontier and contributing to the design of better labor market policies. With currently about 2,000 Fellows and Affiliates from over 60 countries, the IZA network is the largest in the field. Our members are not only geographically diverse but also at various career stages – from postdoc to Nobel laureate. The prerequisite is that they do excellent research in labor economics or a closely related field. To ensure our high academic standards, prospective candidates must be nominated by two current IZA Fellows and are evaluated by the IZA network membership committee.


If you have any questions about IZA network membership and do not find the answer below, please contact us at

Our network members particularly value the opportunity to pre-publish their latest work in the IZA Discussion Paper Series, the largest and most influential working paper series in the field. We also offer many workshops and conferences, project collaborations, research visits and access to datasets through IZA's Research Data Center (IDSC).

While IZA Fellows are usually well-established researchers with a strong publication record, junior researchers who recently completed their PhD can become IZA Affiliates. As their academic career progresses, they can be promoted to IZA Fellow status following a routine evaluation process. IZA Affiliates do not need to be nominated again for IZA Fellow status.

We do not accept applications. If you are interested in joining our network, you would need to be nominated by an incumbent IZA Fellow and supported by a second IZA Fellow.

All IZA Research Fellows (and IZA in-house researchers) can nominate potential new members every year during the month of February using our platform at Nominations must include the nominee's personal details, CV and a letter of recommendation, as well as the name and e-mail address of the second nominator, who will then receive an upload link for her/his recommendation letter. Only complete nominations will be evaluated by a rotating committee of IZA members.

The process usually takes a few weeks after the end of the nomination period.

IZA Fellows can check the status of their nominations any time at Nominees will only be notified if the evaluation is positive and leads to an invitation to join the IZA network.

IZA Fellows and Affiliates are initially appointed for five years. The appointment can then be renewed after evaluation by the IZA network membership committee.

If a nomination was unsuccessful, the same person can be nominated again in the following years.

Network activities

Our members are invited to publish their research in the IZA Discussion Paper and IZA Policy Paper series, participate in workshops and conferences, collaborate in joint research projects, and work with data provided by IZA’s Research Data Center (IDSC). We aim to create a vibrant network as an inclusive platform by and for all, which is why we encourage our members’ active participation in our many activities.

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Selection process

Our Research Fellows may propose suitable candidates in an online nomination process that is open during the month of February. Nominees endorsed by a second IZA Fellow will then be screened by the IZA network membership committee. Upon successful evaluation, the candidate will receive an invitation to join the IZA network as a Research Fellow or Affiliate.


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