Jan Bietenbeck is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at Lund University. He previously completed his Ph.D. in Economics at CEMFI in Madrid, Spain.

Jan's current research focuses on the impacts of educational interventions on individuals' education and labor market outcomes.

He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in February 2015 and became a Research Fellow in July 2017.



IZA Discussion Paper No. 11212
Jan Bietenbeck, Sanna Ericsson, Fredrick M. Wamalwa

We study the effects of preschool attendance on children's school progression and cognitive skills in Kenya and Tanzania. Our analysis uses novel data from large-scale household surveys of children's literacy and numeracy skills, which also collect retrospective information on preschool attendance. Against the backdrop of a large expansion of pre-primary...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 10524

Does working time causally affect workers' health? We study this question in the context of a French reform which reduced the standard workweek from 39 to 35 hours, at constant earnings. Our empirical analysis exploits variation in the adoption of this shorter workweek across employers, which is mainly driven by...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9449

This paper evaluates how sharing a kindergarten classroom with low-achieving repeaters affects the long-term educational performance of regular first-time kindergarten students. Exploiting random assignment of teachers and students to classes in Project STAR, I document three sets of causal impacts: students who are exposed to repeaters (1) score lower on...