Nicolas Ziebarth is head of ZEW’s Research Unit "Labour Markets and Social Insurance" and a professor of economics at the University of Mannheim. Before joining ZEW in July 2022, he was a tenured associate professor at Cornell University. Dr. Ziebarth earned his PhD in economics at TU Berlin/DIW Berlin in 2011; his advisors were Gert Wagner and Regina Riphahn.

Nicolas Ziebarth's research is in the field of applied health and labor economics. In particular, he analyzes the interaction of social insurance systems with labor markets and population health. Another focus of his work is the driving forces and implications of health-related behavior.

Nicolas Ziebarth's work has been published in leading economic journals but also in multidisciplinary and policy journals.

Nicolas Ziebarth joined IZA as a Research Fellow in March 2011.


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