Konstantinos Tatsiramos is Professor of Labor Economics at the University of Luxembourg. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from the European University Institute in Florence, an M.Sc. in Economics from University College London and a B.Sc. in Economics from Athens University of Economics and Business. Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg, he worked as an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham (2013-2017), as a Reader and Lecturer at the University of Leicester (2011-2013) and as a Researcher at IZA from 2005 to 2011.

His main research interests lie in labor economics and applied micro-econometrics, with particular emphasis on labor market institutions, unemployment dynamics, mobility and inequality. His research has been published in the Journal of the European Economic Association, the Economic Journal, the European Economic Review, the Journal of Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics and the Journal of Population Economics, among others.

He was the IZA Co-Editor of "Research in Labor Economics" from 2007-2022, one of the Program Coordinators for the IZA Research Area "Labor Market Institutions" from 2008-2022, the IZA World of Labor Subject Editor on "Demography, Family and Gender" from 2014-2022, and he is Academic Editor in Economics for PLOS ONE since 2019.


IZA Publications

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