1,600 renowned economists from all parts of the world cooperate with IZA as Research Fellows by contributing publications and participating in projects and events (read more about the appointment process). While IZA benefits from collaborating with numerous very active Fellows, the institute offers a perfect platform for research communication, remote access to relevant data, and attractive publication outlets.

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Jones, Kelly M.

Research Fellow

American University

Jongen, Egbert L. W.

Research Fellow

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

Jordahl, Henrik

Research Fellow

Örebro University

Jouini, Elyès

Research Fellow

Université Paris-Dauphine

Jousten, Alain

Research Fellow

University of Liège

Juessen, Falko

Research Fellow

University of Wuppertal

Juhn, Chinhui

Research Fellow

University of Houston

Junankar, Pramod N. (Raja)

Research Fellow

University of New South Wales

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