How to join the IZA network as Research Fellow or Affiliate

Appointments of IZA Research Fellows (senior researchers, initially appointed for five years) or Research Affiliates (Ph.D. students and junior researchers, initially appointed for five years) are based on the initiative of the IZA Board or the IZA Program Directors after evaluation by an internal committee.

The committee also considers individuals suggested by at least two current IZA Research Fellows. This, however, is not a formal nomination process and no response should be expected. Suggestions can be made at any time and repeatedly.

Suggestions to be considered by the internal committee must contain detailed information about:

  • the candidate's academic achievement (in terms of quality and quantity of publications)
  • the relevance and benefits of their research for IZA (related to ongoing activities under the IZA research program)
  • potential contributions to the IZA network (beyond submitting to the IZA Discussion Paper Series)

These statements can be sent by e-mail, including the candidate's recent CV and publication list, to:

Please note that appointments are not honorary titles and not based solely on academic merit. They also require a mutual willingness to collaborate. Only positive decisions will be communicated to the invited Research Fellow or Research Affiliate after the evaluation, which may take several months due to the large number of requests.

Potential renewals are based on a careful evaluation of the merits of the collaboration by the internal committee and in consideration of the stated commitment of the Research Fellow or Affiliate.

The committee reserves the right to reject a proposal or renewal without providing an explanation.