Marina is Professor in Economics at the University of Reading, which she joined after her doctorate in 2001. She was Head of Department from 2013 to 2016 and is now the Deputy Chair of the CHUDE committee of the Royal Economic Society and a member of both the Women Committee and the Communications and Engagement Committee, where she is promoting initiatives surrounding both the communication and teaching of economics and the advancement of women in the profession, both within and outside academia.
Her publications are in the area of behavioural and labour economics, with particular focus on gender, stigma and social norms. She has published extensively in the economics of sex work. Recent work focusses on (conscious and unconscious) bias, interventions to redress disadvantage in education, the evolution of gender preferences and their role in individual and collective outcomes, and the use of both big social data and board games to understand economic behaviour.
She has worked at the UAM University in Mexico and University of Venice, and has been involved in the evaluation of international development projects (UN-Inter-American Development Bank, UN-ECLAC), of government policy in the UK (Home Office) and of regional policy, has given various academic and public talks and regularly collaborates with national and international media.

Marina Della Giusta joined IZA as a Research Fellow in February 2019.