January 2011

IZA DP No. 5444: Wage Inequality of U.S. Truck Drivers

Kristen Monaco, Steffen Habermalz

published in: Labour, 2011, 25 (2), 268–285

Using CPS data for the period 1979-2009, the wage dispersion of truck drivers (and subsets of the truck driving sample) is compared to the trends in wage dispersion of males economy-wide. We find that truckers' wages experienced a decrease in inequality post-deregulation, as expected given the literature on regulation's impact on the labor market. We also find that the wage dispersion for truckers is markedly different from males economy-wide, providing evidence that the wage distribution of truck drivers has been dominated by the changing structure of the occupation post-deregulation and largely immune to the factors that increased inequality for the aggregate labor market.