Supreet Kaur

Research Fellow

University of California, Berkeley

Supreet Kaur is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Her research is in development economics and behavioral economics, with a focus on labor markets. One strand of her research draws on insights from psychology—such as the presence of self-control problems and reference dependence in worker utility—to better understand the determinants of labor productivity and workplace contracting. The second strand of her work examines the causes and consequences of labor market frictions in developing countries, with a focus on topics such as wage rigidity, wage compression, and labor rationing.

Dr. Kaur is a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and an Affiliate of the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD). She holds a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government (Department of Economics) from Harvard University, an M.P.A. in International Development (MPA/ID) from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a B.S. in Operations Research from Columbia University. She was a Giorgio Ruffolo Doctoral Fellow in Sustainability Science at Harvard's Center for International Development (2010-2011), a Dissertation Fellow at the Project on Justice, Welfare, and Economics at Harvard (2009-2010), and a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School (2005-2007). She was awarded the David A. Wells Prize by the Harvard Economics Department in 2012.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in December 2014.