Caroline Wehner

Research Affiliate


Caroline Wehner is a Research Associate at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in Germany and a PhD Fellow at Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands.

She holds a diploma in Economics (equiv. M.A.) from Cologne University.

Her dissertation focuses on the relationship between personality traits and socio-economic outcomes. The PhD thesis is supervised by Prof. Dr. Lex Borghans and Dr. Trudie Schils.

Her current research interest is behavioural, education and labour economics, inequality and poverty analysis and policy analysis.

Caroline Wehner was a Resident Research Affiliate at IZA from 2011 until March 2017 and became a IZA Research Affiliate in April 2017.



IZA Discussion Paper No. 10337

A growing number of economic studies show that low emotional stability is typically negatively related to socioeconomic outcomes, while conscientiousness predicts desirable results. However, possible mechanisms behind these relations are far less explored. Gaining insights into the mechanisms is important, because this knowledge is crucial to develop pre- and intervention...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9863
published in: Journal for Labour Market Research, 2017, 51 (3): 1-17.

Labor market segmentation refers to a salient divide between secure and insecure jobs and is related to problems in important areas, including macro-economic efficiency, workers' wellbeing and repercussions for social cohesion. European countries have started a new wave of labor market reforms in the aftermath of the 2008/09 crisis to...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 8001
completely revised version 'Euroskepticism, Income Inequality and Financial Expectations' published in: B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 16 (2): 539-576

Before the Great Recession, rising income inequality within the European Union member states has been considered to be one driver for an increasing Euroskepticism. Using rich data on attitudes towards European integration from the Eurobarometer (EB) surveys, we revisit the issue by analyzing the relation between macroeconomic indicators, socio-economic background...

IZA Standpunkt Nr. 84
published in: Badura, B., Ducki, A., Schröder, H., Klose, J., Meyer, M., Fehlzeiten-Report 2016. Unternehmenskultur und Gesundheit - Herausforderung und Chancen, Springer, Berlin.

Dieser Beitrag zeigt auf, wie sich die Arbeitswelt in Deutschland in Bezug auf Beschäftigungs-formen, die inhaltliche und organisatorische Arbeitnehmerautonomie sowie krankheitsbedingte Fehltage und psychische Belastungen am Arbeitsplatz in den letzten Jahren verändert hat. Der Arbeitsmarkt hierzulande wird in einem größeren Umfang als früher von flexiblen Erwerbsformen gekennzeichnet, und insbesondere spielt...

IZA Research Report No. 54
Report based on a study conducted for the European Parliament, Bonn 2013 (128 pages)