Kevin Y. Shih

Research Fellow

Queens College, CUNY

Kevin Shih is a labor economist with expertise in research on immigration. His work to date has examined the impact of on international students in U.S. higher education, the labor market effects of skilled immigrants through the H-1B visa program, and the impacts of DACA on educational attainment of undocumented youth. His work has been published in leading journals, such as AEJ: Economic Policy, Journal of Labor Economics, European Economic Review and the Journal of Public Economics.

He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department and School of Business at Queens College, CUNY. In addition, he is a Special Sworn Status researcher of the U.S. Census Bureau and an external faculty affiliate of the Center for Global Migration. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Davis in 2015.

Kevin Shih joined IZA as a Research Fellow in September 2022.