Jesper Roine

Research Fellow

Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics

Jesper Roine is Assistant Professor of Economics at SITE, Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. He received his Ph. D. from Stockholm University in 2002 and has held visiting positions at LSE (2003-2004) and Northwestern University (1999-2000). His main fields of research are Political Economy, Public Economics, Economic Development, and Inequality.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in March 2012.



IZA Discussion Paper No. 8157
published in: A. Atkinson and F. Bourguignon (eds.): Handbook of Income Distribution, 2, 2015, 469-592
IZA Discussion Paper No. 3801
revised version published as 'Intergenerational top income mobility in Sweden: Capitalist dynasties in the land of equal opportunity?' in: Journal of Public Economics, 2012, 96 (5-6), 474-484