Federica Origo

Research Fellow

University of Bergamo

Federica Origo is full professor of Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Bergamo (Italy). She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan (2004), and her M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin (2001). She is currently the head of the Bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Bergamo and delegate of the Rector for students counselling and for the relationships with upper secondary schools. She is also an elected member of the board of the Italian Association of Labor Economists (AIEL, since 2016).
Her research interests are in the fields of labour economics (wage bargaining and firm performance; flexicurity and job satisfaction; regional wage differentials), economics of education (teacher quality and student achievement; peer effects on student soft skills and behaviors; vocational training), economics of happiness and treatment evaluation.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in March 2018.



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