Michael Rosholm obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, in 1998, for his thesis on 'Transitions in the Labour Market'.

Since October 2006 he is professor at the Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University, Denmark, and since 2010 he is Research Director of CAFE - Centre for Labour Market Research and Impact Studies.
He publishes in journals such as The Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Population Economics, and Review of Economic Dynamics.

Michael specializes in applied econometric methods for causal analysis. He is also member of the management team of a large research center focusing on evaluation of policies aimed at helping children and youth – TrygFondens Centre for Child Research.

He specializes in impact estimation and has published numerous papers on the effects of labour market and integration policies. Moreover, he has assisted the National Labour Market Authority in designing, and has evaluated, several randomised controlled trials in labour market policy, including Hurtigt i gang (evaluation), Hurtigt i gang 2A-D (design and evaluation), Alle i gang (design and evaluation), Aktive – hurtigere tilbage (design and evaluation), Unge godt i gang (design and evaluation), På rette vej – i job, Outsourcing of job placement services (design and evaluation), a joint Danish-French experiment with mentors for ‘youth-at-risk’, and JobFirst (design and evaluation).

He is currently co-directing an interdisciplinary research center designing and conducting 35+ randomised controlled trials aimed at helping children and youth (and their families).

In September 2000 he joined IZA as a Research Fellow.



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Anna Cristina D'Addio, Isabelle De Greef, Michael Rosholm