Gordon B. Dahl

Research Fellow

University of California, San Diego

Gordon B. Dahl is a Professor of Economics at the University of California, San Diego. Prior to joining UC San Diego, he was a faculty member at the University of Rochester. He has held visiting positions at UC Berkeley, Princeton University, University of Copenhagen, University of Stockholm, University College London, Norwegian School of Economics, and CESifo Munich. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1998 and his B.A. from Brigham Young University in 1993.

Dahl's research interests include Labor Economics and Applied Microeconomics. His articles have appeared in the American Economic Review, Econometrica, the Journal of the American Statistical Association, the Journal of Political Economy, the Review of Economics Studies, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Dahl is an Affiliated Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics, the Area Director for Labor Economics for the CESifo Research Network, a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Research Professor at the ifo Institue, a CESifo Research Fellow, a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and a Fellow of the Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 2008.



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