Marianne Simonsen

Research Fellow

Aarhus University

Marianne Simonsen is Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Business at Aarhus University. She received her PhD in Economics from Aarhus University in 2005. She has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University (2003), University of Maryland (2004), and University of Michigan (2006).

Her main research interests are applied microeconometrics, labor economics, and family economics. Recent work analyses career related consequences of parenthood, family friendly policies in general, and early childhood investments in human capital. Her work also overlaps with areas in health and development economics. She publishes in journals such as Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Econometrics, and Journal of Applied Econometrics.

She joined IZA as a research fellow in October 2009.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 11913
published in: Labour Economics, 2018, 55, 241 - 258
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published in: Economic Journal, 2017, 127, 1096-1118
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substantially extended version available as IZA DP#8208
IZA Discussion Paper No. 6092
Anette Primdal Kvist, Helena Skyt Nielsen, Marianne Simonsen
published as 'The importance of children's ADHD for parents' relationship stability and labor supply' in: Social Science and Medicine, 2013, 88, 30-38
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