John de New

Research Fellow

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

John P. de New (formerly Haisken-DeNew) is a Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne, Australia. His current specialist expertise focuses on health outcomes, financial wellbeing and subjective wellbeing, used by sociologists, psychologists, population health and economists. His best publications have come from this area: the A** AER (2004) paper is highly cited world wide with 793 cites. His generalist labour economics and education economics work has strong cross-overs into many other areas. He has additionally a good working knowledge of applied econometrics, household finance and financial literacy.
He has published in many top ranking journals including American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Economic Journal, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Population Economics, Applied Economics, Labour Economics and Economics Letters. His previous administrative positions at the University of Melbourne include Deputy Director of the Melbourne Institute (2 years), PhD Coordinator for the Melbourne Institute (5 years), Associate Dean Research (3 years) and Associate Dean Research Training (2 years) for the Faculty of Business and Economics and teaching in to the PhD in Economics graduate program. He was previously a fully tenured “Beamter auf Lebenszeit” W3 Professor of Economics and holder of the Chair “Economic Policy: Competition Theory and Policy” at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, from March 2009 to June 2013.
He received his doctorate in economics in 1995 at the University of Munich, his MA in Economics at the University of Toronto, Canada in 1988 and his BA Honours in Economics at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in 1987. He is the author of the panel data package for Stata called “PanelWhiz” ( which supports data retrievals from panel datasets such as the Australian HILDA, LSIC, LSAC, MABEL; the British BHPS, UKUS, ELSA; the American HRS, CPS, PSID; the South African NIDS and the German SOEP.


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