Coen Teulings

Research Fellow

Utrecht University

Research Interests

Coen Teulings (1958) is Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam since 2004. From 2006-2013 he was director of the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, a major economic think tank in the Netherlands and the independent advisor of the Dutch government and parliament.

Teulings graduated in Economics at the University of Amsterdam in 1985 and he got his PhD in 1990. He was appointed Head of the department of income policy, Ministry of Social Affairs in 1995. He was director of the Tinbergen Institute and Professor at the University of Rotterdam from 1998 until 2004. From 2004 till 2006 he was director of SEO Economic Research.

He is a Crown member of the Social Economic Council. In 2004 he was co-writer for the new principle programme of the PvdA. He was a member of the REA, an independent Council of Economic Advisors for the Parliament. He served on several committees; amongst others he was chairman of a committee that framed the new programme economics for secondary education.

Coen Teulings joined IZA as a Research Fellow in July 2002.


IZA Publications

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