John Ermisch

Emeritus Research Fellow

University of Oxford

John Ermisch (born 1947) is a professor at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex and a Fellow of the British Academy. Formerly, he was Bonar-Macfie Professor in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Glasgow (1991-94), and a senior research officer at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. His research is broadly concerned with how markets, particularly housing and labor markets, impinge on household decisions, including labor supply, housing demand, fertility and household formation and dissolution, and how decisions in the demographic and economic spheres interact, particularly their dynamics.

His publications include Lone Parenthood: An Economic Analysis, published by Cambridge University Press in 1991 and The Political Economy of Demographic Change (Heinemann, 1983). He has published in economics journals such as The Economic Journal, Economica, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Labor Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Urban Economics and International Tax and Public Finance, and in demographic and statistical journals such as Population Studies, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society and the European Journal of Population. He is one of the co-editors of the Journal of Population Economics, and was President of ESPE in 1989.

John Ermisch joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 1999.


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