Delia Furtado is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut. Since earning her Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University, she has published her papers in journals such as the Journal of Human Resources, American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), and Demography.

Delia’s research bridges the economics of migration, labor markets, and demography. Her portfolio includes papers on how ethnic networks and their cultural norms affect immigrant outcomes in family and work domains ranging from divorce rates, to disability insurance take-up, to parental-leave taking. Interested in the ways in which immigration policies shape career decisions of high skilled immigrants, Delia has also studied H-1B visas and the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. In addition, she has explored the impacts of immigration on native-born populations that extend beyond wage and employment outcomes. Specifically, she has examined how immigrant nannies affect highly educated native women’s fertility decisions. Her most recent work takes a health services research approach, focusing on how immigrant nurses and nursing assistants can affect the quality of care provided in nursing homes.

She joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in March 2005 and became a Research Fellow in May 2008.


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