Around 1,700 renowned economists from all parts of the world cooperate with IZA as Research Fellows by contributing publications and participating in projects and events (read more about the appointment process). While IZA benefits from collaborating with numerous very active Fellows, the institute offers a perfect platform for research communication, remote access to relevant data, and attractive publication outlets. Our network activities are supported by a Network Advisory Panel which represents a range of diverse viewpoints and constituencies, including a mix of different seniorities within the profession.

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La Mattina, Giulia

Research Fellow

University of South Florida

Lachowska, Marta

Research Fellow

Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Lacroix, Guy

Research Fellow

Université Laval

Lafortune, Jeanne

Research Fellow

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Laitin, David D.

Research Fellow

Stanford University

Lalé, Etienne

Research Fellow

York University, Canada

Lalive, Rafael

Research Fellow

University of Lausanne

LaLonde, Robert J. (decd)

Research Fellow

Harris School, University of Chicago

Lam, David

Research Fellow

University of Michigan

Lamarche, Carlos

Research Fellow

University of Kentucky

Landais, Camille

Research Fellow

London School of Economics

Lane, Julia

Research Fellow

New York University

Lang, Kevin

Research Fellow

Boston University

Lange, Fabian

Research Fellow

McGill University

Laroque, Guy

Emeritus Research Fellow

Sciences Po, Paris

Latreille, Paul L.

Research Fellow

University of Sheffield

Lau, Morten

Research Fellow

Copenhagen Business School

Launov, Andrey

Research Fellow

University of Kent