Donald B. Rubin

Research Fellow

Harvard University

Research Interests

Donald B. Rubin is John L. Loeb Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics, Harvard University. He was Chair of the department during 1985–1994 and 2000–2004. He is an Elected Fellow/Member of: the American Statistical Association (1977), the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1977), the International Statistical Institute (1984), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1984), and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1993). In 2008 Professor Rubin was elected an Honorary Member of the European Association of Methodology, in 2009 he was elected a Corresponding (foreign) Fellow of the British Academy, and in 2010 to the National Academy of Sciences. He has authored/coauthored over 350 publications (including 10 books), and has made important contributions to statistical theory and methodology, particularly in causal inference, design and analysis of experiments and sample surveys, treatment of missing data, and Bayesian data analysis. Among his many awards and honors, Professor Rubin has received the Samuel S. Wilks Medal (American Statistical Association, 1995), the Parzen Prize for Statistical Innovation (1996), the Fisher Lectureship (2004) and the George W. Snedecor Award of the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (2007). He was named Statistician of the Year, American Statistical Association, Boston Chapter (1995), and Statistician of the Year, American Statistical Association, Chicago Chapter (2001). He was Associate editor for: Journal of Educational Statistics (1976–1979), Theory and Methods, The Journal of American Statistical Association (1975–1979), Coordinating Editor and Applications Editor, The Journal of American Statistical Association (1980–1982), Biometrika (1992–1995), Survey Methodology (1988–1993), Statistica Sinica (1993-2004). Professor Rubin has been, for many years, one of the most highly cited authors in mathematics in the world (according to ISI Science Watch); in 2002 he was ranked Seventh in the World for the Decade 1991–2000. His biography is included in many places including, Who' Who in The World.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 2011.