Elliott Fan

Research Fellow

National Taiwan University

Elliott Fan is currently an associate professor at the Department of Economics, National Taiwan University. Before 2011, he worked as a research fellow at the Social Policy Analysis, Evaluation and Research (SPEAR) Centre at the Australian National University. His existing research consists of the following issues:

1. The influence of institutions on gender attitudes in China and Taiwan.
2. Formation of human capital, including the effect of month of birth on education attainment and the effect of gestational length on health at birth.
3. Medical service utilization and moral hazard, focusing on end-of-life medical expense and expense induced by disability insurance.
4. Unintended consequences of public policies, including public pension schemes and DUI policies.

His recent research effort focuses on two different fields. The first is mainly on the formation and evolution of gender norms, exploiting the extremely rich historical data from the colonial time of Taiwan. These studies concern the economic and cultural motives for foot-binding, child brides, and polygyny, as well as the long term consequences of these practices. The second is on the recent trends and major changes in the labor market of Taiwan, utilizing merged administrative data. Dr Elliott Fan has published papers in Economic Journal, Journal of Health Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Scientific Reports, and Health Affairs.

Elliott Fan joined IZA as a Research Fellow in December 2020.