Thomas Beissinger studied economics at the University of Regensburg, Germany, where he received his diploma in 1992. In 1996 he obtained his doctoral degree for a thesis on inflation and unemployment in Germany. From 1996 to 2002 he worked as a senior assistant at the University of Regensburg. In June 2002 he completed his postdoctoral habilitation entitled "Unemployment Compensation, Real Wages and Unemployment: Macroeconomic Implications of Earnings-Related and Flat-Rate Benefit Systems". From 2003 to 2005 he worked as Assistant Professor at the University of Kaiserslautern and the European University Viadrina at Frankfurt/Oder. In September 2005 he was appointed a Full Professor for Labor Economics and Service Economics at the University of Hohenheim.

Thomas Beissinger published several articles in international journals such as European Economic Review, Empirical Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, German Economic Review and Economic Modelling. His current research interests include macroeconomic aspects of the unemployment problem (NAIRU, inflation and unemployment, nominal and real wage rigidity, impact of labor market institutions), and the impact of globalization on employment and wage inequality

Thomas Beissinger joined IZA as a Research Fellow in March 2001.


IZA Publications

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