Ryo Kambayashi

Research Fellow

Musashi University

From earning his Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo in 2000, to to his current status as an expert in labor economics, Ryo Kambayashi's journey has been one of continuous exploration and discovery. With a steadfast focus on empirical research, he has immersed himself in unraveling the intricacies of Japanese labor markets, probing into the very mechanisms that shape its dynamics.

Over the years, his investigations have traversed a vast landscape of topics, from meticulously tracing the evolution of labor dynamics since the 1980s to dissecting the economic ramifications of regulatory frameworks, such as dismissal regulations. These endeavors have not only shed light on the complex interplay between standard and non-standard employment but have also unearthed invaluable insights into long-term employment trends, wage disparities, and organizational practices. His findings have found a home in academic journals, where they have contributed significantly to the discourse in labor economics, both nationally and internationally.

In 2017, the culmination of Ryo Kamayashi's research efforts manifested in the Japanese book 'Seiki-no Sekai, Hiseiki-no Sekai' (Standard World, Non-Standard World), a work that not only encapsulated years of dedicated inquiry but also earned him the distinguished 58th Mainichi Economist Prize. Subsequently, in 2020, the Japan Academy bestowed upon him the prestigious 110th Japan Academy Prize, recognizing the collective impact of his research portfolio on the advancement of labor economics. Additionally, the Japanese Economic Association honored Ry Kambayashi with the Ishikawa Prize, affirming the profound influence of his contributions on the field.


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