After receiving a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from the Catholic University of Nijmegen and a Master’s degree in econometrics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (both with distinction), Maarten C.M. Vendrik gained his PhD in economics from Maastricht University. He worked at the Institute of Theoretical Biology of Leiden University, the macroeconomics department of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the economics department of Maastricht University. Currently he holds a position as senior assistant professor in microeconomics and public economics in the economics department of Maastricht University. Maarten has published widely in high-standing international journals in economics and theoretical physics. His current research interests include happiness economics, labour economics, public economics, and applied econometrics. He takes a special interest in the dynamics and determinants of happiness, the dynamics of psychological and sociological phenomena in labour supply, and the labour market problems of an aging population.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in September 2006.