Shoshana Neuman is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Bar-Ilan University (Israel). A specialist in Labour Economics and the Economics of Education. Her major areas of research lie in the economics of discrimination and segregation; evaluation of vocational education; immigration; the economics of religion; and more recently also health economics
She has been (among many other professional activities) a consultant to the World Bank (1988), the Director of the Economics Research Institute (1993-97), a Director of the Board of Directors of the United Mizrahi Bank (1994-95), the vice-chair of the Department of Economics (1995-97), the chairperson of the Department of Economics (2003-2005) and a Research Fellow with the Labour Economics Programme of the Center for Economic Research Policy (CEPR, since 1996). She served on numerous national and international committees and organized several international conferences.
Shoshana Neuman is the author of over 50 scientific papers in international academic journals and a frequent reviewer for international journals and research foundations. She published in journals such as: JPE, Journal of Labor Economics, The Journal of Human Resources, JEBO, The Journal of Population Economics, The European Economic Review, and Economic Inquiry (to name a few). With Jacques Silber she edited special issues of the Journal of Econometrics and of Research on Economic Inequality.
She received many research grants and awards. Two large-scale projects were funded the European Union.
Shoshana is married with six children. Her oldest daughter finished her Ph.D. in Health Economics, which led to the opportunity to work on joint papers.
Shoshana Neuman joined IZA as Research Fellow in October 1999.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 6384
revised version published as 'Bridges or Buffers? Motives behind Immigrants' Religiosity' in: IZA Journal of Migration, 2013, 2:23. A different revised version published as 'Immigration-Religiosity Intersections at the Two Sides of the Atlantic: Europe and the United States' in: Constant A. and Zimmermann K. (eds.), International Handbook on the Economics of Migration, 2013, Eward Elgar Publishing
IZA Discussion Paper No. 4980
published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2013, 26 (3), 1129-1174