Uwe Sunde is currently Professor of Economics at the University of Munich. He studied economics at the Universities of Warwick (England) and Munich, where he received the degree of Diplom Volkswirt in 1998. In fall 1998, he enrolled in the European Doctoral Program and became affiliated with IZA. He spent the first year of the doctoral program at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics and went through the second year at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. After obtaining his habilitation from the University of Bonn in 2008, he held a chair in macroeconomics at the University of St. Gallen until 2012.

From January 2001 until January 2008, he did research at IZA, first as a Resident Research Affiliate and since January 2003 as a Research Associate. He also coordinated the seminar and visiting researcher program at IZA. His research interests include long-term development and human capital formation, labor economics, population economics, and behavioral economics.

In his little spare time he is a passionate alpinist.



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