December 2010

IZA DP No. 5386: Job Mobility in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

published as 'Job Mobility in Europe, Japan and the United States' in: British Journal of Industrial Relations, 2012, 50 (3), 436-456

Evidence about job mobility outside the U.S. is scarce and difficult to compare cross-nationally because of non-uniform data. We document job mobility patterns of college graduates in their first three years in the labor market, using unique uniform data covering 11 European countries and Japan. Using the NLSY, we replicate the information in this survey to compare the results to the U.S. We find that (1) U.S. graduates hold more jobs than European graduates. (2) Contrasting conventional wisdom, job mobility in Japan is only somewhat lower than the European average. (3) There are large differences in job mobility within Europe.