May 2006

IZA DP No. 2153: Naturalisation and Socioeconomic Integration: The Case of the Netherlands

published in: Pieter Bevelander and Don J. DeVoretz (eds.): The Economics of Citizenship, Malmo University, Malmö: Holmbergs, Sweden, 2008

This paper investigates Dutch immigrants’ naturalisation decision and how naturalisation affects their employment chances and wages in the Netherlands. The population under consideration consists mainly of refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and former Yugoslavia, and a minority of immigrants from Turkey and Morocco. The data used come from the Dutch survey ‘Social Position and Use of Public Utilities by Migrants’ for the years 2002 and 2003. A multivariate analysis shows that higher educational levels and having obtained an education in the Netherlands positively affects naturalisation. In turn naturalisation is positively related to the job chances among immigrants and refugees. It is also positively related to wages among refugees, but not among Mediterranean immigrants who came to the Netherlands for various reasons.