December 2017

IZA DP No. 11229: The Motivation of Temporary Agency Workers: An Empirical Analysis

Christian Grund, Axel Minten, Nevena Toporova

revised version published as "Motivation assessments of temporary agency workers – an empirical analysis based on appraisals compiled by hiring companies" in: management revue - Socio-Economic Studies 30, 2019, 5-39

We are investigating the relationship between individual and job-related characteristics and the motivation of temporary agency workers. To do so, we are using a unique dataset from one of Germany's largest temporary work agencies. For 3,000 temporary agency workers, a subjective motivation appraisal is provided by the respective direct manager within the hiring company. It is possible to observe a positive relationship between the decision on transition to regular employment and the motivation of temporary agency workers. Women in temporary agency work demonstrate a higher degree of motivation than men. However, in the case of men a clearer correlation can be observed between project duration and motivation. A change of hiring company with follow-up projects has a negative effect on the temporary agency worker's motivation.