Stijn Baert became Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering, in 2008 Master of Science in Economics and in 2013 Doctor of Economic Sciences from Ghent University, Belgium. Since 1 October 2015 he has worked as a full-time tenure track professor in empirical labour economics at Ghent University. In addition, he is affiliated to University of Antwerp as a part-time professor.

His research is situated in the field of labour economics with a focus the transition from school to work and on labour market discrimination. He has published in journals such as Labour Economics, Economics of Education Review and Industrial & Labor Relations Review. In 2012 and 2013, he worked as a visiting researcher at VU University Amsterdam and at Aarhus University respectively.

Since 2013 Stijn has served as the president of the European Association of Young Economists. In 2016, Stijn organises, together with Bart Cockx, the yearly conference of the European Association of Labour Economists, where he is a member of the Executive Committee.

He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in November 2013. In July 2015 he became an IZA Research Fellow.



IZA Discussion Paper No. 11127

This study examines the direct and indirect impact (via educational achievement) of student work during secondary education on later employment outcomes. To this end, we jointly model student work and later schooling and employment outcomes as a chain of discrete choices. To tackle their endogeneity, we correct for these outcomes'...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 11023
revised version available upon request

We review the theories put forward, methodological approaches used, and empirical conclusions found in the multidisciplinary literature on the relationship between student employment and educational outcomes. A systematic comparison of the empirical work yields new insights that go beyond the overall reported negative effect of more intensive working schemes and...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 10876
Eva Van Belle, Ralf Caers, Marijke De Couck, Valentina Di Stasio, Stijn Baert
revised version available upon request

Recent evidence from large-scale field experiments has shown that employers use job candidates' unemployment duration as a sorting criterion. In the present study, we investigate the mechanisms underlying this pattern. To this end, we conduct a lab experiment in which participants make hiring decisions concerning fictitious job candidates with diverging...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 10738
forthcoming in: the handbook 'Audit Studies Behind the Scenes with Theory, Method, and Nuance'

This chapter aims to provide an exhaustive list of all (i.e. 90) correspondence studies on hiring discrimination that were conducted between 2005 and 2016 (and could be found through a systematic search). For all these studies, the direction of the estimated treatment effects is tabulated. In addition, a discussion of...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9980
Stijn Baert, Simon Amez
published in: PLOS ONE, 2018, 13, e0194255 [Online Access]

We test the soccer myth suggesting that a particularly good moment to score a goal is just before half time. To this end, rich data on 1,179 games played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are analysed. In contrast to the myth, we find that, conditional on...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9763
published in: Economics Letters, 2016, 146, 95-98 [Online Access]

Many governments encourage migrants to participate in volunteer activities as a stepping stone to labour market integration. In the present study, we investigate whether this prosocial engagement lowers the hiring discrimination against them. To this end, we use unique data from a field experiment in which fictitious job applications are...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9692
published in: Health Economics [Online Access]

We investigate whether interventions by (i) medical doctors and (ii) occupational specialists are effective in reducing sick leave durations among self-employed workers. To this end, we exploit unique administrative data comprising all sick leave claims by self-employed workers insured with the major Dutch private insurer between January 2009 and March...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9654
Dieter Verhaest, Elene Bogaert, Jeroen Dereymaeker, Laura Mestdagh, Stijn Baert
forthcoming as 'Do Employers Prefer Overqualified Graduates? A Field Experiment' in: Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society

We test the basic assumption underlying the job competition and crowding out hypothesis: that employers always prefer higher educated to lower educated individuals. To this end, we conduct a randomised field experiment in which duos of fictitious applications by bachelor and master graduates are sent to real vacancies requiring only...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9649
published as 'Does it Pay to Care? Volunteering and Employment Opportunities' in Journal of Population Economics [Online Access]

We investigate whether, why and when prosocial engagement has a causal effect on individual employment opportunities. To this end, a field experiment is conducted in which volunteering activities are randomly assigned to fictitious job applications sent to genuine vacancies. We find that volunteers get one third more interview invitations than...

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9584
published as 'Facebook profile picture appearance affects recruiters’ first hiring decisions' in: New Media & Society, 20, 1220-1239 [Online Access]

We investigate whether the publicly available information on Facebook about job applicants affects employers' hiring decisions. To this end, we conduct a field experiment in which fictitious job applications are sent to real job openings in Belgium. The only characteristic in which these candidates differ is the unique Facebook profile...