Carmen Pagés

Research Fellow

Inter-American Development Bank

Carmen Pages is a principal research economist at the Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank. Prior to joining this institution, she was a senior labor economist at the World Bank. She is also an associated editor of the journal ECONOMIA of the Latin American Economics Association (LACEA). A native of Spain, she holds a MA degree in Economics from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and a Ph. D in Economics from Boston University. Her current interests lie on studying the effects of labor market institutions on economic outcomes, the determinants of informal employment and the dynamics of productivity.

Selected published works include the NBER volume "Law and Employment: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean" with J. Heckman, "Labor Market Adjustment in Chile" (2004) with A. Micco and K. Cowan in Economia, The Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association; "Effects of Tariffs and Real Exchange Rates on Job Reallocation: Evidence from Latin America" (2004) with J. Haltiwanger, A. Kugler, M. Kugler and A. Micco in Journal of Policy Reform, (2004); "Patterns of Crime Victimization in Latin American Cities" (2002) with Alejandro Gaviria in Journal of Development Economics; and "The Cost of Business Cycles and the Stabilization Value of Unemployment Insurance" (2001) with Paul Beaudry in European Economic Review.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in May 2005.


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