Sylke Viola Schnepf is a Senior Researcher in the Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy. Previously, she was an Associate Professor in Social Statistics in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Southampton UK. She obtained a Master in Political Sciences, Psychology and Law in 1999 (Open University Hagen, Germany) and a PhD in Economics in 2005 (University of Hamburg, Germany).

Her main research interests regard social inequalities especially in the field of education, policy impact evaluation and survey methodology.

Sylke joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in August 2004 and became a Research Fellow in February 2007


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 14298
Zsuzsa Blaskó, Patricia da Costa, Sylke V. Schnepf
revised version publlished in: Journal of European Social Policy, 2022, 32 (4), 361-375
IZA Discussion Paper No. 13157
Sylke V. Schnepf, Elena Bastianelli, Zsuzsa Blaskó
revised version published online as 'What can explain the socio-economic gap in international student mobility uptake? Similarities between Germany, Hungary, Italy and the UK' in: European Education Research Journal, 8 December 2022
IZA Discussion Paper No. 12302
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IZA Discussion Paper No. 12033
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