Pedro Teixeira is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics (University of Porto) and Director of CIPES (Centre of Research on Higher Education Policy). Since June 2014 he is also Vice Rector at the University of Porto, being responsible for the area of Academic Affairs/Teaching and Learning. He holds a PhD in Economics (Exeter University, UK), a Masters in the Economics of Higher Education at CHEPS (University of Twente, The Netherlands), and a BA in Economics (University of Porto).
His research interests focus on the economics of higher education, notably on markets and privatisation, and the development of human capital as a research program. He is the author "Jacob Mincer - A Founding Father of Modern Labour Economics" (Oxford UP, 2007), which was the first volume of the IZA Prize Series and was awarded in 2009 the Best Book Prize by the European Society of History of Economic Thought. He has also co-edited the following three volumes: "Markets in Higher Education - Reality or Rhetoric?"(Kluwer, 2004), "Cost-Sharing and Accessibility in Higher Education - A Fairer Deal?"(Springer, 2006), "Public Vices, Private Virtues? assessing the Effects of Marketization in Higher Education" (Sense, 2011), and "Policy Design and Implementation in Higher education" (Springer, 2013). He has also edited a four volume collection of critical writings on Human Capital (Routledge, 2014).
He has published articles in the following journals: Applied Economics, Applied Economic Letters, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society; European Journal of Education; European Journal of History of Economic Thought; European Journal of Operational Research; Higher Education; Higher Education Policy; Higher Education Quarterly; History of Political Economy, History of Economic Ideas, Journal of the European Higher Education Area; Journal of Economic Methodology; Journal of Economic Issues; Minerva; Public Administration Review; Research Policy; and Studies in Higher Education.
He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in December 2003.



IZA Discussion Paper No. 10676

In this paper we use a large official employer-employee dataset, which includes almost the whole universe of business firms, to document and decompose the rising graduates postgraduates' wage differentials in Portugal. Using a non-parametric matching exercise, we pay particular attention to differences in the assignment of these two groups of...

IZA Policy Paper No. 121

Europe and the European Union are close in values, in culture and in attitudes. Yet the EU has made little attempt to jointly reinforce the emotional attachment to Europe. Member States stress their differences in national identity through education and language. When the EU made the borderlines between European countries...