Andrea Bassanini is Senior Economist in the Jobs and Income Division of the Directorate of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs of the OECD, and editor of the OECD Employment Outlook. Previously, he was responsible for the OECD database on Employment Protection Legislation and worked as project leader for several OECD projects including the re-evaluation of the OECD Jobs Strategy and many reports including on workplace training, labour market discrimination, employment protection legislation, labour contracts, gross job flows and productivity, as well as labour market monopsony. He was also Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Paris 13 and Research Fellow at ERMES (University of Paris 2) and held visiting research positions at the universities of Evry and Stanford and at the IIASA in Vienna. He received his PhD from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome and his MSc from the University of Oxford. His current research interests focus on job and worker flows, labour contracts, social pressure in the labour market, and labour market competition.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in June 2009.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 15910
published in: Labour Economics, 2023, 81, 102338.
IZA Discussion Paper No. 15641
Satoshi Araki, Andrea Bassanini, Andrew Green, Luca Marcolin, Cristina Volpin
published in: The University of Chicago Law Review, 2023, 90 (2), 339-378
IZA Discussion Paper No. 14912
updated and replaced by 'Labour Market Concentration and Wages: Incumbents versus New Hires', IZA Discussion Paper 15910
IZA Discussion Paper No. 14029
published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2021, 188, 697-715
IZA Discussion Paper No. 11011
published in: Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2019, 72 (1), 127-157
IZA Discussion Paper No. 9187
Updated and replaced by "Before It Gets Better: The Short-Term Employment Costs of Regulatory Reforms", IZA Discussion Paper 11011, joint with F. Cingano
IZA Discussion Paper No. 8910
revised version published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2017, 35 (2), 429-483
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