Reinhard Hujer

Goethe University Frankfurt

Reinhard Hujer was a Research Fellow from October 1999 until April 2014.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 5257
published in: Schmollers Jahrbuch, 2011, 131 (4), 581-598
IZA Discussion Paper No. 1653
published in: Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv / Journal of the German Statistical Society, 2006, 90 (1), 197-212
IZA Discussion Paper No. 616
published in: Carloeo, F.E. and Destefanis, S. (eds.): The European Labour Market - Regional Dimensions, Physica Verlag, 2006, 287-310
IZA Discussion Paper No. 236
published in: Becker, I., Ott, N. and Rolf, G. (eds.), Soziale Sicherung in einer dynamischen Gesellschaft, Campus-Verlag, Frankfurt, 583-617, 2001