Our global research network ist the largest in labor economics. It consists of more than 1,800 experienced Research Fellows und young Research Affiliates from more than 450 research institutions in the field. The geography of our network underscores our ambition to integrate and stimulate labor economics worldwide.

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Vecci, Joseph

Research Affiliate

University of Gothenburg

Vejlin, Rune Majlund

Research Fellow

Aarhus University

Vella, Francis

Research Fellow

Georgetown University

Verick, Sher

Research Fellow

ILO International Labour Organization

Viarengo, Martina

Research Fellow

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Vickstrom, Erik R.

Research Fellow

U.S. Census Bureau

Vignoles, Anna

Research Fellow

The Leverhulme Trust

Vijverberg, Wim P.

Research Fellow

CUNY Graduate Center

Vindigni, Andrea

Research Fellow

University of Genova