Our global research network ist the largest in labor economics. It consists of more than 1,600 experienced Research Fellows und young Research Affiliates from more than 450 research institutions in the field. The geography of our network underscores our ambition to integrate and stimulate labor economics worldwide.

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Zhang, Junsen

Research Fellow

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Zhang, Junfu

Research Fellow

Clark University

Zhao, Zhong

Research Fellow

Renmin University of China

Zhao, Yaohui

Research Fellow

Peking University

Zhu, Yu

Research Fellow

University of Dundee

Zhu, Anna

Research Affiliate

RMIT University

Ziderman, Adrian

Emeritus Research Fellow

Bar-Ilan University

Ziebarth, Nicolas R.

Research Fellow

Cornell University

Zimmermann, Christian

Research Fellow

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Zimmermann, Laura V

Research Fellow

University of Georgia

Zlate, Andrei

Research Fellow

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Zölitz, Ulf

Research Fellow

University of Zurich

Zorlu, Aslan

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam

Zubanov, Nick

Research Fellow

University of Konstanz

Zulkarnain, Alice

Research Affiliate

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis