Jan Bietenbeck is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at Lund University. His current research focuses on the impacts of educational interventions and on the formation of economic and social preferences.

He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in February 2015 and became a Research Fellow in July 2017.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 13709
revised version published in: European Economic Review, 2023, 154, 104431
IZA Discussion Paper No. 11212
Jan Bietenbeck, Sanna Ericsson, Fredrick M. Wamalwa
revised version published as 'Preschool attendance, schooling, and cognitive skills in East Africa' in: Economics of Education Review, 2019, 73, 101909
IZA Discussion Paper No. 10524
revised version published in: Economics and Human Biology, 2020, 39, 100901
IZA Discussion Paper No. 9449
revised version published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020, 18(1), 392-426