Fabian Kosse

Research Fellow and Associated Member

University of Würzburg

Fabian Kosse is a Professor of Data Science in Business and Economics at the University of Würzburg

He is an applied microeconometrician mostly interested in determinants and consequences of inequalities among individuals. Methodically, he combines long-term field experiments with microeconometric panel data methods, incentivized measures and the use of biomarkers. The aim of his research is to enhance our understanding of the malleability of individual inequalities.

He joined the IZA network in November 2011 and collaborates closely with IZA's behavioral economics team as an Associated Member.


IZA Publications

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conditionally accepted: Journal of Political Economy
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published in: Journal of Political Economy, 2021, 129 (9), 2504 -2545
IZA Discussion Paper No. 7221
published in: Applied Economics Letters 2013, 20 (10), 983-986
IZA Discussion Paper No. 6470
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