Todd Pugatch is an Associate Professor of Economics in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Michigan and his B.A. at the University of North Carolina. Todd's research interests are in development economics, labor economics and the economics of education. His current work focuses on education policy in Rwanda and The Gambia, youth unemployment in South Africa, Mexican immigration to the United States, and promoting student success in U.S. higher education. He worked at the World Bank before beginning graduate studies at Michigan.

He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in 2012 and was appointed as Research Fellow in 2014.


IZA Publications

IZA Discussion Paper No. 13233
Nick Huntington-Klein, Andreu Arenas, Emily A. Beam, Marco Bertoni, Jeffrey R. Bloem, Pralhad Burli, Naibin Chen, Paul Greico, Godwin Ekpe, Todd Pugatch, Martin Saavedra, Yaniv Stopnitzky
IZA Discussion Paper No. 12985
Lee Crawfurd, Todd Pugatch
forthcoming in: Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Education
IZA Discussion Paper No. 12117
published in: World Development, 2019, 117, 172-182
IZA Discussion Paper No. 10784
published in: Economics of Education Review, 62 (2018): 151-161
IZA Discussion Paper No. 9560
published as: "Non-tuition Costs, School Access and Student Performance: Evidence from the Gambia," Journal of African Economies, 2017, 26 (2): 140-168.
IZA Discussion Paper No. 9129
published in: World Bank Economic Review, 2019, 33 (1), 185-208
IZA Discussion Paper No. 8621
published in: Journal of Development Effectiveness, 2018, 10(2): 249-276.
IZA Discussion Paper No. 7842
published in: Demography, 2015, 52 (5), 1543-1570
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